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Associated Technical Services provides service at your location
In the event you cannot bring your system to us, we offer onsite technical service. We can do everything from upgrading memory (RAM) or storage capacity to maintaining your complete network. In addition, we even provide out source support contracts to help keep your IT budget managable.

Consulting services include a complete review of a client's needs, wants, and desires. If this is a "first" system, we can walk you through the steps – what you want to do, what we suggest you purchase to meet those needs, and how it fits together to meet your objectives. If equipment is presently installed and needs upgrading, we can work with you on what is essential to meet your current and long-term working requirements.

We can also provide computer power analysis and power conditioning solutions. Dirty power, commonly referred to as "gremlins" – can cause problems to recur shortly after being corrected. We often have "reconditioned", "refurbished", "recycled with warranty" and surplus NEW power conditioners, uninteruptable power supplies (UPS) and combination appliances. Check our Support Services section for availability.

Preventative maintenance stops problems before they start
Maintenance on a timely basis and preventative maintenance on all equipment can help further the life of equipment. Preventative maintenance includes periodic internal cleaning of CPU's and printers; or filter replacements; hard drive optimization; monitor calibration and checks. We provide power analysis to check for wiring errors, low voltage, neutral to ground short, isolated short, wire reversals, and impedance.

Support for equipment and system software on a timely basis is imperative to a smooth running facility. Font problems, memory errors, printer errors, system crashes and other various undermining problems are symptomatic. In most cases, the above mentioned instances can be rectified with telephone support, but each circumstance would be individually assessed. Should it become necessary, on-site assistance will be provided.

Areas of Expertise:

    • Cross Platform Integration - make Macs and PCs speak the same language; Check our Repair Services area.
    • LANs – (including WANs and VPNs) consulting, planning, installation, troubleshooting; Check our Network Services area.
    • Other areas include: cross-platform issues; networking / servers

Services provided include troubleshooting problem specifics, parts exchange or replacement. Turn around time is held to a minimum…down equipment means no work being produced…no revenue being generated.