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Associated Technical Services (ATS) is an Apple Authorized Service Provider
We are able to provide in-site warranty repair as well as "out-of-warranty" repair for older Apple Macintosh computers, displays and printers.

Support for the consumer
While providing support for businesses, we also offer a wide range of technical services for the consumer. We understand how important your equipment is to you. We provide onsite and in-house service and affordable telephone support. We can solve many installation, compatibility or operational problems in a short time.

Associated Technical Services is dedicated to providing the best service and support for computer systems in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.

We have Apple Certified Technicians that understand graphic arts, prepress, accounting and multimedia authoring software for complex issue resolution.

Service and Support are the cornerstones to a productive environment
We offer hardware and software support plans. Most companies find that effective software support and preventative maintenance can increase the productivity of their staff by 20 to 25%. Nagging software issues that cause system lock-ups and other errors can be quickly identified and repaired. There are many different philosophies
danesregarding the support and servicing of a Macintosh. For this reason, ATS has designed different programs to meet these needs.

Communication is very important
Our technicians can explain to you what the problem was and what was done to
correct it. We want you to understand what work was done to your system and what things you should do in order to keep your system running in top condition.